I couldn’t find a source to search for country travel restrictions *and* Covid case data in one place. So, I made it.

A simple search to help people travel in a Covid world.

A little while ago I found myself needing to travel out of Thailand to renew my work permit. Under normal circumstances, I’d love to go on a trip. But, circumstances aren’t normal.

Before Covid, living in Asia was great for traveling. It was easy to book a flight on a…

Up is on a mission to help us make smarter life choices, as we live life.

Up helps people take control of their future by simulating models to plan for savings, homeownership, retirement, protection from financial disaster, and more in real-time. And connects you with the advice, partners, and services you need to succeed.

I had the opportunity to work with the Up marketing team to…

A UX project for a FinTech startup tapping into a gaming experience, inspiring people to learn, level up and share their investment knowledge.

Designing an entirely different kind of investing platform.

Imagine this.

Two long-time friends in France, all grown up now. One went into the gaming industry, the other finance. They both have a passion for technology, creativity, and a desire to invent and launch an innovative FinTech startup to help people learn about investing and manage their finances.

Back when I…

A simple Python script to generate and update your sitemap.xml using Cron on Google Cloud App Engine.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Sitemaps are useful for increasing the effectiveness of your SEO. If you head over to Google’s Search Console you’ll find a section to upload a file called sitemap.xml.

There are many ways to create this file, from writing it manually (tedious) to having one of many sites out there index…

Rethinking a bad user experience to help you and your customers win!

Forms, forms, forms. The web is full of them. For every potential sale, flight booking or new account, someone is filling out a form. Someone, who might become your customer.

Why turn them away with a bad experience?

The smallest things can help your customers in big ways.

Thinking about the experience.

In the real world, when you ask a person what country they’re…

Your audience will love you if you give them a loving UX-in-Code experience.

Tabs are great UX, but they shouldn’t get in the way of your content.

“How do we communicate our big creative message and convert sales, on tiny little phone screens — in less than 2 seconds?”

The lamenting cries of marketers everywhere.

Brands need to address problems they never had to deal with before. Challenges like screen resolution, legibility, user experience, gestures, taps, swipes, and more …

Build strong relationships. Get better results. Be happy.

A couple of years ago, I left the advertising business to develop my startup, while subsidizing my income through freelance work

UX strategy for a pharmaceutical company, over dinner in Bangkok.

I enjoy living life as a “digital nomad” in Southeast Asia, working on a range of projects from ad campaigns for brands, to UX/UI design, to product development and…

Michael Lisboa

Hi, I’m Michael. Brand strategist, Creative Director, UX specialist, Startup founder, TechnoCreativeologist, and really good guy. https://www.michaellisboa.com

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